Phyt NYC is proud to offer customized nutrition services at our premiere fitness facilities in Midtown Manhattan and San Juan, Puerto Rico to empower you with a healthy diet, regardless of your lifestyle and activity level. Whether you are seeking quick healthy food options due to time restrictions, fueling for weight management, performance or contest preparation, or would like a personalized consultation, we will accommodate you to achieve your goals, whether or not you are a member of Phyt NYC.

In Midtown Manhattan, we offer our Phyt Fuel line, our customized menu of vegan and organic shakes designed based on internal health, which also educates consumers on their various benefits.

In San Juan, we have partnerships with Condado Diet and KIT'S Nutrition. Condado Diet prides itself on convenient food choices for your everyday life, assisting with weight management, fueling for energy and performance, ultimately empowering you to feel lean, strong and sexy. KIT'S Nutrition empowers competitive and professional athletes with enhanced fuel intake due to the heightened demands placed on their bodies, ultimately giving them the edge to compete. To contact Condado Diet, please call (787) 637-5476 or e-mail To reach KIT'S Nutrition, please call (787) 628-8433 or e-mail

For those seeking an individual consultation to complement our nutrition services, we have a partnership with Registered Dietitian Glenda Acevedo, Founder of Ask Me What To Eat, to prepare clients with personalized diet plans, regardless of your location. To book your appointment, please contact her directly at: (787) 240-7499 or

For additional inquiries on nutrition please contact us at your desired Phyt NYC location: